Thank you for your interest in working at Fitted. Fitted® is a platform dedicated to bringing revolutionary customer experiences to the fashion value chain. We are building the world’s revolutionary apps & software tools for all fashion players. Our primary focus is making custom-clothing truly scaleable. Our team is made up of exemplary professionals spanning fashion design, operations, logistics, front-end, back-end, and many more. Read on for the key roles we have open and what you can expect from a career with Fitted.


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>🚀Our goals:We have existed for less than a year and are making exciting progress in formalizing the $50bn African tailoring market. We aim to turn over GMV of $300m in 3 years. We are now assembling the team that will build a world-class product, and transform fashion in Africa into a tech-enabled transformative global force. We’re trying to make custom fashion a new normal (it is in low wage economies like Nigeria already), like dating apps and meditation apps have successfully also become mainstream in recent times. Excellent customer service, flawless user experiences, and a powerful brand connection are the cornerstone of this.

>🌍 Big, global challenges:Inherently, we’re an extremely audacious team. The current global ecosystem has loosely existed in its current format for ~100 years — and we’re seeking to disrupt it with scaleable decentralized production that shifts economic empowerment from ready-to-wear to custom wear. There’s many offshoots of this problem which span immersive new design technology, machine learning / computer vision, database applications, etc that you will be more than welcome to get stuck into. You get to join a team at the nexus of solving real world problems, with real world implications and big reward in recognition and promotion as we scale.

>🏠True belonging:We are building a global community of problem-solvers, one that welcomes people of all backgrounds and cultures. We don’t know of any successful custom clothing fashion platform operating at scale (over 100,000 orders per month), and we know that we will need to devise new solutions with cutting edge tech in order to deliver on our goal. We need particularly audacious personalities who focus more on a framework to validate assumptions than an absolute on how to solve the problems we face.

> 💪True camaraderie:Being remote doesn’t mean being detached. We’re constantly being intentional about setting non-work conversations and having dedicated forums for self-expression and hanging loose. As a small and growing team, we’re also very welcoming of any non-work event ideas you can bring for bonding! You have our ear on that.

>🏠Freedom and accountability:Spread across 3 geographies and 2 time zones, Fitted is an output-oriented ecosystem, with total flexibility on your work structure. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work.

>🧠Eternal Learning:For us, work is pointless if you can’t maximize your potential in your role. Given the nature of the beast we’re taming (decentralized production)- and life in general, everyone is committed to lifelong learning. At on-boarding, we try to get a sense of each person’s goals, while giving a deep-dive our culture, work tools, approach and principles we believe in. Your professional development is important to us, so though we’re a startup, we’d love if you were open about your identified growth needs so we could support you in that regard.

>🏠 Flexible Working:We have always embraced working remotely, even before the pandemic. Our major office is however in Lagos, Nigeria. You will have a reasonable amount of flexibility as to what hours you do your work, as long as your teammates can depend on you, you are on-time to calls/meetings, and the work gets done.

>✉️Applications:All candidates at Fitted go through standardized screening. This enables our small team to handle talent identification fast and efficiently. Please visit the page of the respective job you’re interested in and fill out your key details and background information as a first step. We require all applicants to fill out this form before an interview can be scheduled

++ For the Developers ————————-

> 🖥️ Tech stack: You’ll have the opportunity to provide key leadership at this formative stage of the Company. With a Shopify-based MVP and an emerging react-augmented front-end on a MongoDB server, you’ll have the chance to design, code and implement salient components of the tech stack to help Fitted scale