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Sky Blue Fitted Agbada & Short Sleeve Kaftan For Men


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Style  Aso Ebi Agbada Styles for Men
Color Sky Blue
Material Guinea, Senator, Lace
Sizes Range of sizes, Available in multiple sizes, Extensive size range, Wide range of sizes, Various sizes
Occasion Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Meetings
Sleeve Short Sleeves 
Embroidery Yes
Pattern No
Gender For Men
Genre Sky Blue Aso Ebi Agbada For Men
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    Fitted Agbada & Short Sleeve Kaftan For Men: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

    Take Your Style Game To The Next Level
    Explore the perfect blend of tradition and modernity with our Fitted Agbada & Short Sleeve Kaftan for Men. This ensemble seamlessly combines the regal charm of Agbada with the contemporary flair of a short sleeve Kaftan, ensuring you stand out with refined elegance.

    Traditional Aesthetics, Contemporary Appeal
    Embrace the best of both worlds as our Fitted Agbada & Short Sleeve Kaftan infuses traditional Nigerian aesthetics with a contemporary edge. The result is an attire that reflects cultural pride while celebrating your individual style.

    Crafted for Perfection
    Meticulously crafted to perfection, our ensemble exudes unparalleled attention to detail. The Agbada showcases intricate embroidery and ornate patterns, while the Short Sleeve Kaftan offers breezy comfort. The fit is tailored to enhance your physique and ensure comfort throughout the day.

    Versatile Versatility
    Whether it’s a formal event, cultural celebration, or a special occasion, our Fitted Agbada & Short Sleeve Kaftan adapts effortlessly. Dress it up with accessories or keep it understated—the versatility of this ensemble guarantees you’re dressed appropriately.

    A Bold Statement
    Make a bold fashion statement with our ensemble that captures attention. The contrasting elements of Agbada and Kaftan create a visual masterpiece, symbolizing your appreciation for tradition while embracing the modern world.

    Comfort Meets Sophistication
    Experience the synergy of comfort and sophistication. The Short Sleeve Kaftan offers breathable ease, while the Fitted Agbada exudes a regal aura. This ensemble is a testament to your discerning taste in fashion.

    Embrace Tradition, Embrace You
    Become one with tradition and celebrate your unique style. Your attire reflects cultural heritage while showcasing your personal fashion identity—a true representation of the modern man.

    Luxury in Detail
    The ensemble exudes luxury in every detail. The choice of fabrics ensures a lavish feel against your skin, accentuating the exclusivity of this attire. The intricate embroidery narrates a story of artistry and heritage.

    Cultural Reverence, Contemporary Grace
    Our Agbada embodies both cultural reverence and contemporary grace. The attire becomes an extension of your personality, commanding respect while embracing cultural roots reflects the essence of the modern man.




    Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve


    Both, Left, None, Right


    No, Yes


    Loose, Regular, Slim Fit

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    Fitted Agbada & Short Sleeve Kaftan For Men | Shop Short Sleeve Kaftan From

    Sky Blue Fitted Agbada & Short Sleeve Kaftan For Men


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