What is Fitted?

Fitted is a fast-growing fashion brand that produces custom clothing. We exist to transform the fashion model in high-growth markets where custom wear is common-place and custom-tailoring is a part of the culture for its nationals. Our current market for production is Sub-Saharan Africa, and our primary customers are Africans (local and in the US / European diaspora). In many frontier economies, customers’ need for reliable, traditional apparel isn’t met sufficiently because of production issues (individual tailor capacity and ready to wear facilities can’t produce these styles in bulk). People living abroad still want those clothes though! So Fitted is set up to bridge that gap and improve lives. By powering production on a platform built of vetted tailors and fabric sellers, we are able to help small hold workers earn up to 3x their regular earnings with us. All while giving any African / diaspora interested person absolutely stunning, hand-crafted outfits.


What we want

We are looking for an exceptional designer in fashion illustration (3D fashion design methods welcome) to design new styles for Fitted. Candidates who are familiar with traditional Nigerian-style apparel will have an advantage. We want a designer to develop styles for us, so strong commercial savvy is vital. Strong candidates will be able to identify target markets for designs and use factors such as age, gender, and socioeconomic status to drive customer adoption. If you are obsessed with great design, love technology, have wanted to join a Startup, or wondered how you could use your skills to effect lasting change as a trend setter, then we might be perfect for you.

Requirements & Skills

Outstanding design skills: Breath-taking design ideas, able to create styles which effortlessly blend multiple thematic constructs and geographic influences. There should be a strong focus on actual customer day-to-day use, not conceptual novelty. Top candidates will be able to oversee/manage production of samples of their designs via our tailor network. Knowledge of African tastes is a nice plus. Candidates should be comfortable sewing together sections of material to form mockups or samples of garments or articles, using sewing equipment.

Strong Production skills: Ability to select materials and production techniques to be used for products. Candidates must be comfortable sketching rough and detailed drawings of apparel or accessories, and write specifications such as color schemes, construction, material types, and accessory requirements

Fabric knowledge: Knowledge of a broad range of fabrics (in Nigeria and abroad) is a necessary skill. Candidates must also be comfortable with testing fabric so garment care labels can be created.

Exceptional fashion illustration (3D modelling skills welcome): Ability to produce digitally life-like 3D versions of products for Fitted for use in multiple media (online store, print, adverts). Experience with Optitex or similar other hyper-realistic software for fabrics and models a plus. Particularly skilled at creating hyper-realistic 3d fabric imagery conveying breathability, weight, drape, durability, softness, and other properties of fabric. Adept at producing tech packs and other explaining material for production

Market Research skills: Strong pulse on trends in global and African fashion.

Pattern drafting: Skills with pattern drafting and cutting required. Candidates must be able to draw patterns for articles designed; then cut patterns, and cut material according to patterns, using measuring instruments and scissors.

Personality: Can-do attitude, self-motivated person with innate curiosity about the fashion, business and media world. This opportunity is well suited to ambitious candidates who can operate in a high-pressure but immensely rewarding environment with deadlines.

Terms & Preferences

Work: Remote work preferred. Part-time + Full-time roles available

Salary range: Competitive

Experience: 3 -6 years professional experience designing outfits for a variety of men’s clothing. Experience with women’s clothing a strong bonus.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in fashion design / production preferred