📝Job Description:
Fitted is redefining the global fashion landscape by bringing awesome native wear to customers anywhere while formalizing the custom clothing production value chain in frontier markets.

The Full-Stack Mobile App developer is responsible for developing mobile apps on Android and iOS for Fitted. This involves developing APIs to to support mobile functionality,planning and delivering specific functionality in time blocks. Your role is to stay on top of latest technologies that will enable Fitted launch more amazing products faster at less cost. Ours is to support you to achieve a rewarding package and monumental impact from your work.

Your goal is to help write the code for front and backend applications required for the business needs. You’ll be responsible for technology-side operations, scoping and deliver of new projects, and will have to manage versions for the app as we develop into more dedicated teams in the future. Your clarity of communication will rely greatly on your technical skills.

🤝🏽Ideal Candidate:
You’re a super fast learner who is curious and loves a challenge. This role is great for a mid-level mobile app developer looking for an exciting new opportunity to have their tech transform a value chain forever. You have likely worked in a structured environment that has organized systems for product & software development, and so can bring rigor to your passion to build. You are familiar with scrum and agile methodologies. You enjoy asking the right questions, and you have a genuine interest and curiosity for all things digital across mobile, social and web. You’re also a hands-on, eager to learn and able to get stuck in – from coding to creative design, analysis, research or documentation. You enjoy ensuring the security, efficiency, scalability of backend systems and services you work on. You also work well in cross-functional teams with Business Analysts, Developers, Testers & Designers.

You have excellent problem solving skills and can find efficient and tidy solutions to major technical problems or blockers independently and within a team

You are self-motivated, passionate about technology with a keen and insightful understanding of numerous languages and their suitability for different problems. Ideal candidates will care deeply about the many problems facing African markets and be deep motivated by the chance to make meaningful impact in the lives of tailors and beyond.

You are the kind of person who prefers to spend 90% of time planning, and 10% of time flawlessly executing, so rigorous understanding of the use case is essential. You also don’t just like early validation – you make it your business and suggest ways in which the team can ensure the product being built is what the people want. You will be particularly skilled with software architecture design, and contribute extensively to what technologies we should imbibe for optimal growth, security and stability.


  • Writing Code / Implement Front End Designs
    • Write clean and efficient code
    • Refactor existing code base to increase efficiency
    • Design & implement exceptional and responsive, intuitive front-end design
    • Launch new features
    • Provide maintenance support for bugs & errors
  • Writing Code/ Implement Application Logic
    • Write clean and efficient code
    • Demonstrate strong aptitude with appraising, testing and consuming 3rd party APIs across for a use case
    • Launch new features
    • Provide maintenance support for bugs & errors
  • Project Scoping & Sprint Planning
    • Investigate requirements to deliver target functionality before Sprints or development work starts
    • Deliver new code / features on time according to deadlines set
    • Communicate in oral and written media about any blockers/challenges to completion and problem solve collaboratively
    • Work well with internal teams, including developers, engineers, architects, quality assurance, and operations. Ensure requirements are fully understood and that implementation plans match expectations
  • Documentation
    • Document research on implementation feasibility for the Technical team
    • Maintain clear, excellent documentation of APIs and logic written for applications
    • Facilitate the creation and maintenance of proper product documentation for project planning and execution of technology projects
  • UX Design Interpretation
    • Critique UX designs in collaboration with designers & Management
    • Implement UX designs that perform in line with the requested use case as applicable for projects
    • Have knowkedge of UX design best practice and incorporate this into design review meetings and implementation
  • Code Reviews / Testing
    • Work with peers to engage in peer-to-peer code review and testing

🖥️ Tech stack
You’ll have the opportunity to provide key leadership at this formative stage of the Company. Our stack is built on the Front with

  • WordPress (PHP)
  • React (Frontend)
  • Node.JS (Backend)

You’ll have the chance to design, code and implement salient components of the tech stack to help Fitted scale

🏠 Flexible Working
We have always embraced working remotely, even before the pandemic. The role is however based out of the Lagos office. You will have a reasonable amount of flexibility as to what hours you do your work, as long as your teammates can depend on you, you are on-time to calls/meetings, and the work gets done.

🔧Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or other professional degree (self-taught coders welcome).

📈 Salary: Negotiable & Competitive

    • Competitive salary and profit-sharing program
    • Bonus of up to 2.0x base pay within 12 months
    • FX payment options available after 6-months
    • Time to renew. You should take at least 2 weeks off each year
    • Customized awards on your 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 year work anniversaries
    • Healthcare coverage (Nigeria only)