📝 Job Description

Fitted is redefining the global fashion landscape by bringing awesome native wear to customers anywhere while formalizing the custom clothing production value chain in frontier markets.

As an HR Specialist, you’ll works to build the team behind Fitted. Given our position at the intersection of multiple industries from fashion to technology, this will mean working closely to recruit, motivate, reward, train and develop leaders in fashion, technology and operations. You’re expected to handle a wide range of employee-related activity and use digital tools to build a scalable  HR function.

🤝🏽 Ideal Candidate

You have worked in a structured environment that has organized systems for recruiting, evaluating performance and determining remuneration and career progression. You are well-versed in HR lifecycle management and are comfortable using automation to assist you in these tasks. You are able to stay organized and deliver a standardized recruitment, onboarding, review, promotion and/or offboarding experience to team members

You’re a lover of technology. You don’t have to be an expert on technology development, but candidates who have an understanding of how professional software is built will have a strong advantage. You may therefore be familiar with recruiting developers or technical staff. You enjoy asking the right questions!

You use digital tools to improve your work in HR. You don’t need to code, but only applicants who can demonstrate that they are comfortable with using tools to improve their capacity to deliver HR experiences will be considered. We’re looking for the type of candidates that use tools to turbo charge their ability to deliver services in HR, from recruitment (e.g. using application tracking systems), performance management, performance rewards and HR communication will be the most likely candidates to get hired.

You’re a lover of fashion. You don’t have to be the go-to style guru, but candidates who have a love of and understanding of fashion, brands and entertainment will have a strong advantage. You may therefore be familiar with recruiting fashion designers, tailors, or other players in the fashion value chain.

You are a self-motivated and proactive communicator. You do not need to be asked for updates – you actively cultivate stakeholder management for all projects you’re involved in.

You are a planner. You are the kind of person who prefers to spend 90% of time planning, and 10% of time flawlessly executing, so rigorous project planning is a strong feature of your approach to all projects. You also don’t just like early validation – you make it your business and suggest ways in which the team can ensure the decisions we are choosing to focus the business on will address corporate goals and maximize stakeholder returns.

You’re a master socialite. You don’t need to be extroverted for this role, but you do need to be comfortable with high volumes of social interaction and complex engagement across multiple types of stakeholders from relatively uneducated contractors to key team members.

 🎬 Activities:

Employee Recruitment
  • Manage the end-to-end of recruitment for the Company, implementing improvements that have a demonstrable impact
  • Drafting of job descriptions based on requirements from Management
  • Updating job applications across various portals / locations
  • Design of optimal screening techniques for the Company
  • Interviewing and screening candidates
  • Communication with candidates on behalf of Fitted
  • Managing negotiations with employees in the recruitment process
Performance Management
  • Manage the end-to-end of performance management for all employees
  • Introduce or improve current performance review methodologies
  • Ensure reviews are conducted in a timely manner
  • Document KPI performance reviews and meetings
  • Design self-assessments and other input documents for performance management
  • Research remedying tools to quell under-performance, including but not limited to compensation packages reviews, holidays, employment types, etc.
  • Ensuring compliance of Fitted with HR remittances and due-process in line with regulations
Employee Welfare Management
  • Manage onboarding, continuation, and offboarding of employees while employed by Fitted
  • Assist the Company in managing things like time-off, sick days, etc.
  • Manage the end-to-end of performance management for all employees
  • Ensure key documents and employee records / files are up to date and have a single “source of truth”
  • Ensure documentation of all HR practices, policies, and related documents is done effectively and on-time
  • Ensure all stakeholders are duly informed and given ample notice for tasks matters concerning them (e.g. 2 weeks notice to reviews)
  • Building a culture of respect, empathy, high-performance, execution, tolerance, accountability and excellence
  • Creation a welcome environment for development of true personal bonds

🏠 Flexible Working

We have always embraced working remotely, even before the pandemic. The role is however based out of the Lagos office. You will have a reasonable amount of flexibility as to what hours you do your work, as long as your teammates can depend on you, you are on-time to calls/meetings, and the work gets done.

🔧 Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Computer science,
  • Other Professional degrees:
  • PMP (Project Management Practice) welcome


📈 Salary:

    • Competitive salary and profit-sharing program
    • Bonus of up to 2.0x base pay within 12 months
    • FX payment options available after 6-months
    • Time to renew. You should take at least2 weeks off each year
    • Customized awards on your 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 year work anniversaries
    • Healthcare coverage (Nigeria only)

Fitted® is the brand of Semper Lux Limited. We look for extremely capable team members to grow with. We offer a compelling package with a promise of exceptionally rewarding hard work that stretches the bounds of what you believed could be achieved individually and as a team.


💼 Our Hiring Process:

Internal initial screening based on answer quality and skills

  • Initial Phone Screening
  • Aptitude Test
  • Chat With the HR
  • Meeting with CEO / Team
  • Offer

At our company, we aim to process applications within a week, and we believe in keeping candidates informed throughout the recruitment process. We value feedback from candidates as much as we believe they value it from us.

Fitted® is committed to employing a diverse workforce. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.

NOTE: Please be advised that the recruitment process for this role has ended and we are no longer accepting applications at this time. However, we would like to keep your application on file in our talent pipeline for future opportunities that may arise. If you are still interested, please feel free to submit your application for consideration.