📝Job Description:
Fitted® is about more than an excellent custom clothing experience. It is about pushing the boundaries of excellence and constantly revisiting established best practices to forge something new. Our culture thrives on embracing radical ideas, and a peculiar view on the mundane. We are a team of dreamers who spend every waking moment executing on that vision. At Fitted®, it’s about each person bringing their skills and passion to a constantly evolving marketplace.

The Performance Marketer role is responsible for the high-level strategic definition of the brand, key customer segmentation and marketing approach definition for maximum creation of value in line with corporate goals. This role is also execution-focused and marketing strategists/performance marketer with demonstrated experience in implementing their plans will be at an advantage to other candidates versed in only strategic thinking and planning.

  • Research, develop, execute and communicate strategic marketing plans to meet the company’s goals. Ability to work on strategic rebranding and brand definition. Crafting of brand positioning towards the multiple user types in the multi-sided marketplace value chain. The expectation is that this stakeholder list will include investors.
  • Help shape the brand positioning and narrative while targeting the proper audience. This requires an understanding of the business as a multi-sided service where fashion customers (buyers of our branded clothing) and software clients (tailor app users) exist under the same brand and need to find their voice in fitted.
  • Complete extensive research to identify new marketing opportunities, but also develop innovative concepts to promote brand awareness (growth hacking mindset).
  • Develop and execute marketing & communications plan per the calendar on time and on budget. Executive assistance for project execution will be provided as we scale.
  • Analyze sales and marketing key performance indicators. Work with digital / ad marketing team to run experiments, optimize content reach and develop revised content strategies to drive performance against given KPIs.
  • Use customer feedback to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Develop engaging content for relevant stakeholders via all media – from print to social media, blogs, content marketing assets, email newsletters.
  • Devise and execute marketing campaigns to drive/improve quantifiable business metrics through innovative and pace-setting initiatives and ideas. These metrics include consumer demand (sales), customer satisfaction, brand strength.
  • Develop the Fitted® brand through multiple channels – physical events, partnerships, sponsorships, etc. Facilitate marketing campaigns via digital, social media and all other relevant channels.
  • Partner with the Design Team, Operations Team, and Management to devise new innovative ways of delivering exceptional value to consumers in novel ways. This may extend as far ideation on ways to use packaging as an effective product promotion, or suggesting attention-catching freebies, etc.
  • Managing budgets and ROI: A performance marketer must manage digital marketing budgets effectively to ensure the best possible ROI. They must track spending and results carefully, making adjustments as necessary to optimize campaigns for the highest possible return on investment.
  • Testing and experimenting with new strategies: A performance marketer must continually experiment with new marketing strategies and tactics to find new ways to improve campaign performance. This may include testing new ad formats, landing pages, messaging, and targeting options.

🤝🏽Ideal Candidate:

The perfect candidate is likely to have worked in elements of the marketing value chain over 3 – 5 years spanning social media, digital marketing, offline activations, etc. Your work experience ideally would have cut across 3 verticals to date – technology (in an organization that was product-led), fashion (for any kind of brand), and eCommerce (for a marketplace/type company). This would likely give you a sense of the components of the fitted ecosystem and a sense for how to marry them into a cohesive brand and story

Excellent experimentation mindset will be key as experimentation will be key to growing our brand, service and offering

Self-motivated, passionate story-teller with a keen and insightful understanding of marketing, digital and offline distribution channels, and the mindset of different stakeholders from highly sophisticated fashion buyers to lowly educated independent tailors

Ideal candidates will care deeply about the power of communication in shaping narratives, and will use their deep insights to craft enviable niches within stakeholder mindsets with the core ethos of the Company.

They will have flair for communications, marketing and relationship management. The candidate will have had experiences using hard and soft data (metrics and numbers, perception and sentiment) to determine the success of social media, SEO marketing and other campaigns.

They would be familiar with creating and presenting reports showcasing the performance of metrics against targets for digital marketing campaigns spanning social media, search engines, etc.

Prior experience should have tasked them with brainstorming ideas to address key metrics in existing campaigns or devising new innovative ways to connect with an audience for new ones. An eye for design is essential to success in this role.

🔧Qualifications & Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Communication or related discipline
  • 3 – 6 years of directly relevant work experience (Digital marketing, SEO optimization, Content creation, Social Media Management / Brand Marketing/Brand Visualization/Accounts Management).
  • Experiment-validation experience a strong plus (UI/UX design experience welcome).
  • SEO marketing experience required.
  • Social media account ownership management + marketing experience required.
  • Analysis, measurement, and reporting on marketing campaign performance in line with corporate metrics identified as integral to success.
  • Leadership in ideating and devising innovative strategies to develop the brand and maximize corporate goals.
  • Identification of major new trends and technologies in the digital marketing industry.
  • A strong data-driven approach. By analyzing campaign data, we can gain insights into what’s working, and what’s not, and make informed decisions to optimize campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Strong brand awareness & tapped into modern global culture.
  • Strategic and business acumen.

Completed NYSC / no immediate plans of embarking on NYSC in the next 12 months

📈 Salary: 

    • Negotiable and competitive.
    • Bonus of up to 2.0x base pay within 12 months
    • FX payment options available after 6-months
    • Time to renew. You should take at least 2 weeks off each year
    • Customized awards on your 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 year work anniversaries
    • Healthcare coverage (Nigeria only)
💼Our Hiring Process:
  • Application Received
  • Pre-screen Test
  • Chat With HR/Take Home Assessment
  • Final Interview with CEO / Executives
  • Negotiation/Offer

Fitted® is the clothing brand of Semper Lux Limited. We look for extremely capable team members to grow with. We offer a compelling package with a promise of exceptionally rewarding hard work that stretches the bounds of what you believed could be achieved individually and as a team. We have a casual work environment, a diverse and inclusive culture, and an electric atmosphere for individual expression and initiative-based professional development. No matter the location, or the role, every Fitted® employee shares one galvanizing mission: to push the boundaries of excellence and constantly revisit the principles of the world to forge something new.

Fitted® is committed to employing a diverse workforce. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.