Trendy Women’s Floral Pink Silk Kimono Long Cover Up Without Tassel For Ladies


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Style  Kimono Styles for Women
Color Pink
Material Silk
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Occasion Suited for Evening Gala, Friday hangout
Length  Long
Embroidery No
Pattern Yes
Gender For Ladies
Genre Exotic Silk Kimono For Ladies
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Elevate Your Elegance: Exotic Silk Kimono Styles for Ladies

Indulge in Luxurious Nights or Effortless Hangouts

Captivating Silk Creations
Wrap yourself in the allure of our Exotic Silk Kimono for Ladies. Crafted with meticulous artistry, this kimono blends the finest silk with enchanting patterns. Elevate your style effortlessly.

Opulent Comfort, Mesmerizing Design
Adorned with mesmerizing patterns, our Silk Kimono for Ladies ensures a striking entrance. The delicate silk cascades gracefully, while the intricate pattern enchants every gaze.

Embrace comfort and allure in one exquisite piece.

Versatile Allure, Unforgettable Moments
Whether it’s an Evening Gala or a laid-back Friday hangout, our Silk Kimono caters to your diverse occasions.

The flowing silhouette captures attention, making you the center of elegance.

It’s more than clothing; it’s an experience.

A Symphony of Sizes
Available in a range of sizes from S to XXXL, our Silk Kimono embraces all body types.

A celebration of femininity, each size ensures a flattering fit.

Feel confident and alluring, no matter the occasion.

Long Length, Endless Elegance
The long, graceful length of our Silk Kimono exudes timeless elegance.

With each step, you create an ethereal aura, leaving a trail of admiration.

Embrace the enchantment of a kimono that resonates with your spirit.

Charmingly Pink, Uniquely You
In the delicate shade of pink, our Silk Kimono adds a touch of charm to your wardrobe.

Express your unique personality and embrace your inner radiance with this captivating hue.

Embrace Luxury, Embody Confidence

Step into the realm of luxury with our Exotic Silk Kimono.

Elevate your confidence as you indulge in the smooth, luxurious embrace of silk.

It’s more than a kimono; it’s a statement of self-assured elegance.

Unveil the Magic of Exotic Silk
Imagine the feeling of exquisite silk against your skin, a testament to your refined taste.

Our Silk Kimono is more than clothing; it’s an embodiment of your grace and poise.

Elevate Every Occasion
From the grandest soirées to casual outings, our Silk Kimono effortlessly transitions.

Be the epitome of style and sophistication, leaving an indelible mark wherever you go.

The Gift of Elegance

Searching for the perfect gift?

Delight a special lady in your life with the timeless charm of our Silk Kimono.

A gesture that resonates luxury and appreciation.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare
Each stitch, each thread, a testament to our commitment to quality.

Our Silk Kimono embodies the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance.

Silk with a Purpose
Experience the indulgence of silk while embracing sustainability.

Our Silk Kimono reflects our dedication to both opulence and eco-consciousness.


Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve

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